BVS Group of Companies

BVS group of companies have been set up over a period of five years in India. Since its inception, BVS Group has spearheaded a revolution in many areas like Agriculture, Natural products, Organic products, Import Export and Technology solutions to drive the business forward.
BVS Overseas Pvt Ltd

We are engaged in Overseas business through this arm of the group. We have a global reputation when it comes to quality and commitment. With a business which started with UAE, today has spread to more than 15 countries around the globe. We specialize in Organic and Natural Agricultural commodities.

BVS Organics Pvt Ltd

This arm of the group is culmination of the world’s finest organic produce under one roof. We guide you on a path to healthier living that seamlessly wraps itself around your lifestyle.Our aim is to provide you with premium organic offerings in a luxurious experience that connects the body, mind and soul, and ultimately enriches your life.

BVS Nature Fresh Products Pvt Ltd

The company is engaged in Agricultural Natural products. Our procurement happens through the best farms in India and Abroad. We provide assurance of the finest quality of our produce. We have stringent laid down principles for quality which are non-negotiable. We are engaged in B2B businesses in India and we also export to other major countries.

BVS Technologies Pvt Ltd

This arm of the group is creating disruptive technology solutions for businesses. They are engaged in creating a great value proposition to evolve the supply chain in the Indian agriculture industry. Among other industries, the company has created SAAS based solutions to run businesses in the Automobile, Pharma and Retail industries.

BVS Motorsport

BVS Motorsport aims at making auto racing accessible to everyone. We undertake projects to build race-tracks with world class technologies and facilitate safe and adrenaline rushing experiences.

Our Mission

To deliver value to our investors and customers consistently while raising the bar every single day. To empower farmers by extending our support to them. To deliver consistently at all levels in order to become a sustainable and scalable business.

Our Vision

We seek to become a world leader at creating and promoting an organic culture, to improve and enrich the health and welfare of the society, to contribute in leaving a sustainable world for future generations.

Our Values

Our Team

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